SBA introduces graffiti removal

graffiti removal - stamping out graffitiThe Sackville Business Association is offering members help with stamping out graffiti and maintaining the appearance of their properties.

The SBA has introduced a graffiti removal program for properties in the Sackville business district. Graffiti will be removed from visible locations at no cost to the business or property owner.

Quick reporting and removal is important in stamping out graffiti. Halifax Police note that graffiti that is removed within 24 hours has a 10 percent chance of returning, while graffiti that is in place for two weeks has a 100 percent chance of returning.

“We’ve noticed more graffiti cropping up in the business district in the past few years,” said executive director Michelle Champniss. “We’re hoping that by helping property owners remove it quickly, we can deter future incidents at the same time that we spruce up the business district.”

The SBA has arranged for cleanup of a handful of properties and will continue to schedule graffiti removal as needed for as long as funding is available. To arrange for graffiti removal, contact the SBA office at 252-3099.