Benefits and Criteria

Associate Membership

Please note the annual Associate Membership fee is $249/year. Associate Membership may be granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Board of Directors and upon receipt of the membership fee or fees applicable at the time.

The determination of any application for Associate Membership shall be by the Board of Directors upon the exercise of its complete and unfettered discretion, pursuant to which exercise of discretion the Board may decline any application for any reason.

In addition to any other factors or considerations that the Board of Directors may take into consideration in assessing an Associate Membership application, and without in any way limiting the generality of its discretion, in order to be eligible for Associate Membership an applicant must at minimum satisfy each of the following requirements:

  1.  A business actively registered in the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies (NSJRSC) with a registered office as listed in the NSJRSC and currently operating within the boundaries of Lower Sackville, Middle Sackville, or Upper Sackville, and does not qualify for voting membership.
  2. An actively registered non-profit association operating in a commercially assessed property within the boundaries of Lower, Middle, or Upper Sackville, who does not qualify for voting membership.
  3. The applicant must be over the age of eighteen (18) years.
  4. The individual must in the view of the Board Directors uphold the objectives of the SBA and contribute to their support.

Associate Membership entitles the member to:

  1. A listing in the Shops & Services directory.
  2. Social media shares.
  3. Opportunities to participate in print, television, and radio media campaigns.
  4. Monthly e-newsletter.
  5. Monthly Meet & Greets.
  6. Eligibility for SBA Business Awards nomination.
  7. Eligibility to participate in sponsorship programs. 
  8. Free registration to the annual Business Breakfast (subject to availability).
  9. Training certificate program registration (subject to availability).

An Associate member is not eligible to vote or hold office.

The Board of Directors has the right to refuse an Associate Membership to any applicant for any reason and may terminate any Associate Membership for any reason. Any accepted Associate Member agrees to the foregoing conditions as a fundamental term of being accepted as an Associate Member.

Apply for Associate Membership

The membership fees are $249 per year.*