Public Art

8th Generation

8th Generation

Located at 541 Sackville Drive, this mural stands as a vibrant testament to unity and peace. Crafted by Lorne Julien, a talented Mi'kmaq artist, the mural titled "8th Generation" carries profound symbolism. It resonates with the prophecy of the "7th Generation," also known as the "Seven Fires," which foretells the responsibility of the current generation to pave the way for the future. Through "8th Generation," Julien emphasizes the imperative for people of all backgrounds and nations to unite in love and harmony, echoing a call for collective action towards a brighter and more inclusive future.

Mosaic art

Acadia Park Mosaic

These tiles were individually hand painted by members of our communities. Additional tiles were created by Canada 150 Mural Mosaic to form mosaics that capture the history of Sackville and serve as a legacy for our communities to enjoy. 

Pink butterfly floral mural.

Butterfly Wings

Stop by The Ultimate Party and Rental Store (614 Sackville Drive) to take a photo with this beautiful, interactive mural painted by Jake Seibert, owner of The Talking Wall.

Saturday Night at The Races

Saturday Night at The Races

SBA partnered with artist Jake Seibert, owner of The Talking Wall, and Boston Pizza Lower Sackville to bring a historic photo of the Raceway to life.

Sackville Downs Raceway was a harness racing racetrack in Lower Sackville from 1954 to 1985. The raceway was operated by the Cruickshank family. Events were held at least twice weekly throughout the summer and on fall holiday weekends. Sackville Downs Raceway made harness racing one of the most popular sports draws in Atlantic Canada.

Summer Buzz

Summer Buzz

Did you know that Lower Sackville is a butterflyway? Our community is officially a highway of habitat for butterflies, bees, and beneficial bugs. SBA partnered with artist Jake Seibert, owner of The Talking Wall to brighten your day each time you pass by this ode to nature.

Library Mural

We Will Dream of Better Worlds

SBA partnered with artist Jake Seibert, owner of The Talking Wall and Ibe Ananaba, an accomplished artist from Nigeria, to bring this mural of two children reading a book together with a flashlight. Located on the side of the Sackville Public Library, former home to Acadia School, this mural shines light on the past, present, and future learning encased in this historic, brick building. The Acadia School was built as a four-room schoolhouse in 1948.

Vibrant mural showcasing a child on a swing, embraced by a flourishing tree, painted by artists Jake Seibert and Ibe Ananaba on a south-facing brick wall.

Whispers of Blissful Tomorrow

Dive into the world of vibrant art with this stunning mural, a collaborative masterpiece by Jake Seibert and Ibe Ananaba. Adorning a south-facing brick canvas, this captivating artwork beckons viewers to immerse themselves in a nostalgic journey back to their inner youth. Picture a child soaring on a swing, defying gravity beneath a flourishing tree and a colourful sky—a symbol of the carefree essence of childhood. With its vivid hues and dynamic composition, the mural serves as a celebration of the children in our community, reminding us to cherish and nurture the innocence and joy of childhood in every moment.