Buy It Smart Auto

We help vehicle shoppers become more knowledgeable about the buying process before they shop! 

We believe it’s the smartest way to buy a vehicle! First we discover what’s important to our client, then we can help them make their smart vehicle match! We say: "Buy It Smart and know before you shop!" … Know “you're approved” before you shop! Know your trade evaluation before you shop! Know your budget match before you shop! Know the best price before you shop! 

Customers have complained about the traditional car buying process forever! So we listened and created Buy It Smart Auto. With access to thousands of vehicles online and on the ground, there is no limit to our vehicle selection plus we have the best in auto lending sources and finance staff! We guarantee our customers their best approval, saving them time, money and preventing the embarrassment of rejection at a dealership. We believe car buyers should not feel pressure to buy or be asked to pay more than their desired budget just because dealerships advertise interest rates, terms and incentives that do not apply to those with less than perfect credit. We work with our clients at their pace from the comfort of their home with free vehicle delivery to their door OR in person at our location 1 Pinehill Drive, Lower Sackville. So call, click or come on in—grab a coffee and let’s chat, we love to help you make your smart vehicle match!

1 Pinehill Drive
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2S1