Foresight Atlantic Inc.

"What gets measured, gets managed." - Peter Drucker

Foresight Atlantic Inc. was established in 2017 to provide construction cost consulting services to assist clients and stakeholders in achieving and maximizing their construction project success. Specializing in Project Loan Monitoring and Payment Certification Services, Foresight Atlantic Inc. is made up of trusted professionals who provide consultation on projects in various industry sectors such as Commercial, Institutional, Multi-Residential, and Residential.

Their core purpose is to serve as a liaison and advocate throughout the construction project lifecycle. Although they are not tasked to perform the project: they help their clients ask the right questions, advise them through major decisions, and provide opinions based on industry knowledge. Foresight Atlantic Inc.'s clients enjoy doing the work they do best while Foresight Atlantic Inc. does the rest.

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153 Sackville Drive, Unit 101
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2R3