Motion Dance Centre

Motion Dance Centre has been a dream in progress for over a decade. It has grown out of a lifelong passion for dance and a desire to provide an affordable, quality dance education. Artistic Director Sara Corkum believes that every person has a dancer inside of them just WAITING to come out! Sara believes in providing the best possible dance education to anyone with the desire to learn and bases her technical programs on the world-renowned ADAPT Syllabus.

The team at Motion has worked hard to design programs that will help inspire each dancer who comes to our studio, no matter what their experience level. We also focus on developing more than just dance skills and aim to help students develop a strong work ethic, self-confidence, and positive attitude that will stay with them long after they graduate from the MDC program. At Motion Dance Centre, classes are designed based on the developmental level of each age group. You will find fun and interactive activities at the infant, baby. toddler, young child, pre-teen, teen and adult level. We offer classes in a multitude of styles in both competitive and recreational formats from experienced and caring instructors.

567 Sackville Drive
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2S4
Contact: Sara Corkum