Sponsorship & Advertising

The Sackville Business Association offers members the option to promote their business through a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities including community & networking events, online contests, advertising on the SBA website, and more.

The SBA hosts and sponsors a variety of events and we encourage our members to co-sponsor to increase brand awareness, customer preference, and community involvement for your business. These events include:

  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Sackville Snow Days Winter Festival
  • Sackville Patriots Days Parade
  • Business Breakfast in celebration of small business week
  • Monthly Meet & Greets

The SBA offers a variety of co-op advertising opportunities for members throughout the year.

The SBA offers free advertising on the SBA Facebook page as well as a business directory that lists all SBA member businesses.

Through the SBA’s quarterly newsletter, we offer the opportunity to promote news about your business in the ‘Business Notebook’ section. This could include new business openings, expansions, awards or events.

A $25 gift-certificate is purchased from a SBA member business for the SBA’s monthly social media contest. The prize is provided to a random winner for ‘liking’, ‘commenting’ or ‘sharing’ the contest post.

We also encourage members to be active on social media to allow continual promotion and engagement of your business through our social media pages. Through platforms such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google+, you can directly connect with your customers to build strong relationships and deliver valuable buying information directly to those interested in what you’re selling. While we avoid sharing posts consisting of sales or specials, the SBA will help promote your business on social media by sharing valuable business and community information such as store openings, special events, milestones and awards.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the Sackville Business Association, please contact us at info@sackvillebusiness.com.