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Essential Skills to Grow a Small Business

Sept 6th - Nov 1st

Friday mornings: 8:30am-12:30pm 

Location: SBA Office, 622 Sackville Drive.
Instructor: Bonnie O’Toole

By the end of the course, you will be able to generate and assess options on how to grow your small business and create a long-term plan to handle competitive challenges and market opportunities.

Topics Covered will include:

  • Discover the four ways to grow your business
  • Use creativity tools to generate options to expand your business  
  • Assess which is the best opportunity to pursue by creating business cases
  • Create an action plan for the product, service, or market expansion 
  • Create a plan-on-a-poster to help you keep on track


Modern Marketing Skills for Small Business - FULL

Sept 10th - Nov 5th

Tuesday evenings: 5pm-9pm 

Location: SBA Office, 622 Sackville Drive.
Instructor: Bonnie O’Toole

This course will provide the essential marketing basics for a small business who wants to grow such as:

  1. Preparing to market:
  2. Plan Online and Social Media marketing campaigns 
  3. Explore the fundamentals of traditional marketing
  4. Track marketing effectiveness
  5. And More!


  • Basic computer, social media, and internet skills
  • 1 hour dedicated to the completion of assignments between classes

Delight your Audience with an Effective Newsletter Strategy

Jan 7th - Mar 3rd

Tuesday mornings, 8:30am-12:30pm 

Location: SBA Office, 622 Sackville Drive.
Instructor: Linda Daley

If you’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter or other email campaign for your business, now is the time. Getting accepted into people’s inboxes regularly means committing to deliver useful and interesting information. That doesn’t happen instantly – it requires a strategy, a plan, and a lot of action items. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll realize success. 

Topics Covered will include:

  • Connect email marketing activities to overall marketing strategy 
  • Target market(s)
  • Delivering value
  • List-building tactics, including understanding anti-spam legislation
  • Investigate bulk email software options
  • Set up your bulk email account, including designing a reusable template
  • Learn writing tips
  • Learn tactics to share and promote your newsletter online/offline
  • Discuss ongoing quality assurance activities, such as reviewing statistics 
  • And more!


  • Live website
  • Laptop
  • Intermediate computer skills
  • 1-2 hours each week outside of class time to do research and become familiar with the apps 

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Video for Business

Jan 10th - Mar 6th

Friday Mornings: 8:30am-12:30pm

Location: SBA Office, 622 Sackville Drive.
Instructor: Mike Wood


Learn video production techniques and create a video project of your own. Each class narrows-in on key elements of production such as: 

  • sound recording tips
  • camera composition
  • scripting
  • story-boarding
  • speaking on-camera
  • interviewing
  • lighting
  • use of green-screen
  • editing
  • online resources
  • and more!

Each participant will advance in their own particular skill-set or area of interest. All are welcome to attend regardless of experience level.   


  1. Commitment to attend
  2. Camera with a video feature

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