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Google Analytics For Beginners

Thursday, January 31st


Learn how to use the most common tool for Web Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with the information for tracking, analyzing, and reporting visits to your website. It also helps you set marketing goals and ad revenue generated by your site, as well as understanding who your visitors are, how they interact with your website and how they got there. Supper Provided.

Course Covers:

1. What is Google Analytics and the relation with your online customers 

2. Key Concepts 

3. Setup a Google Analytics 

4. Install the tracking tag 

5. How does it work 

6. Properties and Views 

7. How to access Google Demo Data 

8. Google Analytics screen layout and Reports 

9. Filter and Segment Data 

10. Reports:
      a. Audience 
      b. Acquisition
      c. Behaviour
      d. Conversion 

11. Setup and Manage