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Graffiti Removal Program

 SBA will remove graffiti from member properties free of charge.


  • The SBA will arrange for removal of graffiti from visible locations in the Sackville Business District.*
  • Graffiti will be removed at no cost to the business or property owner.

*Contingent on funding


  • Please report graffiti as soon as it is spotted; quick reporting is essential in preventing future occurrences. Graffiti that is removed within 24 hours has a 10 per cent chance of returning. Graffiti that is in place for two weeks has a 100 per cent chance of returning.*

*Statistics courtesy of Halifax Regional Police


  • To arrange for graffiti removal, please complete the form below of contact the SBA office at 902-252-3099.
  • Please report graffiti and acts of vandalism to the Halifax Regional Police by calling their non-emergency line at 902-490-5020. Reporting allows police to track how much of a problem it is within the district.
  • If you spot graffiti on public property, please report it by contacting Halifax Regional Municipality by calling 311.
Graffiti Removal Application
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