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Tapping Into the Business Community

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Get ready to cheer for some new beer making its way into Lower Sackville’s downtown core! Ian Smith, owner of TAPestry Beer Bar will soon be welcoming customers into his industrial yet modern and green space at 833 Sackville Drive to discover the craft of microbreweries from all over Nova Scotia.

Smith is serious about his work and has spent the last several months visiting all 68 breweries in the province to build strong connections and find the best brews to complete the lineup at his beer bar. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University and has experience as a bartender.

The unexpected pandemic halted Ian’s job and allowed him to return to a big dream he’s had since he was in his early 20’s: to run his own bar. He explains, “The craft beer scene in Nova Scotia has just exploded! I believe there are a lot of really fantastic places out there, and I want to give them a voice here in Halifax.” Smith saw an opportunity and wanted to seize it. Finding the perfect spot for this endeavour required some thought and assistance.  “Honestly, I want to make sure that people here know more about the beer scene outside of the city.” Where better to find a place close enough to downtown but also far enough away from it than Lower Sackville, where Smith and his wife now reside.

 “Honestly, I want to make sure that people here know more about the beer scene outside of the city.”

Ian Smith, owner of TAPestry Beer Bar
Ian Smith, owner of TAPestry Beer Bar


He reached out for some help nailing down an actual address for his dream beer bar, and Michelle Champniss, executive director of Sackville Business Association, was there to tap into her connections with property owners and leasing managers. Champniss and SBA always have a good pulse on what's happening in the business community and were able to help Smith find the perfect spot to set up shop.

Smith explains, “Had I not been able to make that connection, I wouldn’t be here today.” And how lucky we all will be when he finally gets to open those doors and pour some draught! Stay up to date by following Smith’s beer-drinking and relationship-building adventures on Instagram and Facebook @tapestrybeerbar, and keep an eye out for an opening date.